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NCC is a network of connected, young and passionate software engineers. Our vision is to become a symbol of software outsourcing development.

Who we are

NCC is a software firm and IT outsourcing service provider. Established in 2014, we have quickly affirmed its position in the market and become a prestigious information technology enterprise in Vietnam.

What we do

We have been utilizing the combination of great human resources, advanced technologies, and innovative solutions to provide the best services to our clients and contribute to world transformation.

What we target

NCC is making efforts to be one of the top software firms and outsourcing service providers with a global presence and become the trusted partner of the world’s leading enterprises in all industries.

Why choose us

We always work with great passion and responsibility. We build long term and productive relationships with our clients based on understanding, transparency, trust, and high quality.

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From a team of four experienced and enthusiastic engineers, NCC was established and expanded to be a great environment for building up young and talented software engineers to professional and international class levels, inspiring them to do IT with passion and bring the best value to the world.


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We build your custom softwares, show you optimized solutions and help you to digitalize your business.

Blockchain Development

We focus on fintech, proptech and insurtech. With intensive knowledge and professional experience in consulting and developing blockchain-based solutions, we help you to reduce the vulnerabilities of your business and accelerate value creation.

Game Development

Our game development service focuses on full cycle game development co-development and partially game development. We apply the most advanced technologies and engines to create products that are not only video games but also genuine esports.

Automated end to end testing

Our end-to-end testing service ensures that the flow works as intended from the perspective of the user and fulfills business objectives. It will help to confirm your software health, expand the test coverage, detect bugs and increase application productivity, and reduce testing effort as well as cost.

Enterprise software development

With deep insight about your business, we identify the most suitable solutions and softwares for your requirements at the right time and within the ideal budget. Our next generation enterprise softwares and innovative solutions will support your business infrastructure seamlessly and help you gain a competitive edge in the market.


It has been a long journey for NCC. Let's pause for a few minutes to see our outstanding projects.


We change the daily routine of the traditional real estate market by bringing detailed 24/7 insights, improving quality communication among involved parties, and erasing the geographical boundaries.

Retails & Ecommerce

We provide end-to-end development service to build the backbone of e-commerce and transform the traditional retail model with enhanced speed and flexibility.


We not only provide tools for educational institutions to manage the operation, student data and resources but also transform the teaching and learning practice.

Social network & Entertainment

Our well-versed team will tailor a unique social networking and entertainment concept for your specific needs and requirements.

Game & eSport

Our dedicated developers, talented designers, creative artists, and brilliant programmers that have a great passion for gaming will help to bring your ideas to life.


Our healthcare software helps to simplify, digitalize and increase the efficiency of work for healthcare facilities, establish links of e-support for patients and healthcare experts, allow people monitor their health actively.

Enterprise solution

We leverage our professional experience and knowledge to create new or optimize your existing business processes to meet changing market requirements.

Finance & Insurance

With AI & big data, blockchain & cryptocurrencies, and cybersecurity, our softwares and solutions help untangle the tangled issue of the finance and insurance sector.


We are young and passionate. We work hard but also play hard. Here is the NCC family.

OUR ecosystem

We build a wide ecosystem of services to cover all your needs and create the sustainable development for your business.

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Development Team


AI & Blockchain Development Service


Enterprise Development Service


Game Development Service


Contract Service



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